Soper Reese Covid Policy

Due to the changing nature of Covid, our policy will be based on the status of the Community Transmission Level at the time of the performance of the show you are scheduled to attend. The CDC has provided the following color categories: Green (low), Yellow (medium), Orange (high). Please see below the policy that will be followed for each color.

Green (Low): Masking is optional. Regular Seating. Refreshments will be available for purchase

Yellow (Medium): Masking is recommended. Regular Seating. Refreshments will be available for purchase.

Orange (High): Each performance will be assessed on an individual basis. Masking will be required. Refreshments may or may not be available.

Patrons who have previously purchased tickets and are unable to comply with these policies will be offered a refund.

We STRONGLY suggest that you call the Soper Reese before going to the theatre to know what is required for the show you are going to see.

Here is the CDC website that has the numbers for Lake County: